Broce FMJ470

Front Mount Construction Sweeper

FMJ470 Front Mount Sweeper

Raising the bar on front mount sweepers.

Broce Broom has unveiling the FMJ470 front mount construction sweeper. Our engineers spent a considerable amount of time focusing on the cab and the driver’s experience. They implemented ergonomic features from the steering column to the exit and entrance into the cabin. Another key feature you won’t find with our competitors is the visibility. The visibility is fantastic. We made sure that you could see the full width of the broom without it being blocked by the A pillars that stabilize the machine cab.

FMJ470 Promo Video


  • Visibility – You can see the full width of the broom as you are operating it with no obstructions at all.
  • Side shift broom – This is built into the front mount sweeper.
  • Air conditioned/heated and pressurized cabin – The air conditioner fan runs continuously ensuring positive pressure from inside the cab. The pressurized cab provides protection for the operator from dust and fumes.
  • Air Ride Seat – Adjustable so you can move it up and down or in and out. Very comfortable ride for the driver.
  • Cab is suspension mounted – The cab moves independently from the frame which isolates it from any vibration and reduces noise from the machine.
  • Ergonomic steering column – It is infinitely adjustable with a foot pedal that will allow you to pull it into you and closer. There is also a lever you release that will let it telescope out to you, moving up and down and has additional tilt. Makes it very easy to adjust for any driver.
  • 7.8″ Color Display – The dials and gauges are easily visible on the large color display. When the machine is placed in reverse the display provides full visibility of the area behind the machine with the backup camera feature.
  • Finished Interior – There are vacuum formed plastic components that will cover the inside along with a headliner. Includes trim around the windows. Also, a right hand covered, console that has all the controls in it.
  • Exterior to include fiberglass body panels – A new feature to the Broce line of equipment. There is trim around the roof and around the exterior of the machine.
  • Ergonomic entrance and exit to the cab – Very easy to get in and out of the cab with grab handles at ideal spots for safe entry and exit.
  • Easy access engine compartment – The side wall folds up on both sides, making it easy to work on the engine when needed.

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