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TDOT Works to Ease Congestion On I-24 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

In Chattanooga, Tenn., construction crews continue their work on the $32 million I-24 interchange project at Broad and Market streets with the help of our 350 and MK-1. The goal is to enhance the safety and operation of the interstate, while improving access to U.S. 27, Broad and Market streets and other points on the […]

Local company celebrates creation of 10,000 cabs

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A Topeka company celebrated a huge milestone with one of its biggest manufacturing clients, 10,000 cabs created for Broce Broom Manufacturing Company. Ernest-Spencer, located in Topeka at 5600 SW Topeka Blvd., develops enclosed operator cabs for Broce Broom. A company that makes street sweepers in more than one hundred locations across […]

Forney Airfield runway gets needed upgrades

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — The runway at Fort Leonard Wood’s Forney Airfield — which also serves as Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport — was closed for five days earlier this month while contractors repaired 12 cracks in the pavement that began appearing last year. According to Aviation Safety Officer Allen Moll, the cracks were transverse […]

Protecting your company and crew from silica dust

Several years back, OSHA revised their silica dust exposure regulations. They reduced the permissable exposure limit (PEL) by 5X what it originally was at 250 to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Asphalt Contractor magazine wrote an article on some suggested ways to limit silica dust. Some of the items they suggested was putting […]

Salina Post does a Profile Article on Broce Broom

The Salina Post on March 3, 2019, did a profile article on Broce Broom. Here is an insert from the article: “A major road construction project is underway in North Africa.  An industrial sweeper is being used to prepare the road surface for the application of asphalt. Where do you suppose that sweeper was built? […]

Broce Manufacturing and Chemtek form new partnership

On August 1 Broce Manufacturing and Chemtek finalized a partnership to provide dealers and rental agencies with machines set up to suppress silica dust on job sites using their product NeSilex.

Recognizing our Top 10 Dealers – Kirby-Smith

As someone who has been around the Broce family of products since the age of 12, it is a great honor to accept this prestigious award recognizing Kirby-Smith Machinery as a Top 10 Dealer for Broce Manufacturing. Their machines have been an integral part of our success in building Kirby-Smith’s relationship with the paving and […]

Recognizing our Top 10 Dealers – GW Van Keppel

Van Keppel has been a Broce dealer for 40+ years. Both companies are Kansas based and have had a long term partnership.

Recognizing our Top 10 Dealers – AIS Equipment

Broce Broom recognizing AIS Equipment as a top 10 dealer of our construction sweepers.

Recognizing our Top 10 Dealers – Power Equipment Company

Broce Manufacturing would like to recognize Power Equipment Company out of Colorado as one of our top 10 dealers.

2018 Dodge City Days

Dodge City Days is a multi-week event that celebrates everything that is Dodge City. This year they celebrated 58 years and Broce was a part of that. We put several of our machines in the parade and participated in the Touch-a-Truck event. We look forward to celebrating the 59th year with everyone! Photo Gallery  

Celebrating 55 years of sweepers

Broce Broom has over 55 years in the sweeper and construction broom business. The infographic shown demonstrates the historical timeline of their success.

Attracting Women to the Construction Industry

The Department of Labor has indicated that the number of women employed in the U.S. Construction industry grew by 81% from 1985 to 2007.

Broce Broom helps out at the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

This last week, the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama was happening at the Barber Motorsports Park. However heavy rains caused issues and delayed the race until Monday. However, the powers that be tried their best to continue the race by bringing out several of our 350 sweeper brooms to help clear away the water from […]

Broce shares their success with John Deere’s PowerSource magazine

Broce VP of Sales, Terry Wimer, was recently interviewed by the writers at John Deere’s PowerSource about our experience with their Final Tier 4 / Stage IV engine.

Broce Construction and the Sheldon G. Hayes Award

Before Broce Broom there was Broce Construction. They received the Sheldon G Hayes award through NAPA many times through the years between 1973-1999.

Broce Introduces Enclosed Cab for 3-Wheel Broom

In a step toward providing a safer, cleaner working environment, Broce Manufacturing is introducing an optional fully enclosed cab for its 3-wheeled BW260 sweeper.

Broce Now Offers Cummins 4 Final in 350 Series

Broce Manufacturing is now offering a Tier 4 Final Cummins engine in the RCT350 Broce Broom.

Introducing the newest Broce Broom!

The BW 260 is Broce Broom’s newest 3-wheel sweeper and is designed with the tough demands of the rental industry in mind. All the quality and dependability that Broce is known for in a value-engineered, economical package. See brochure for details… Click here

Broce partners with TRS in turf removal equipment

Broce Manufacturing Company has formed a new strategic partnership with Turf Reclamation Solutions. TRS is the leader in innovation and design of equipment specifically designed for the rapidly growing end-of-life sector of the artificial turf industry. In the new partnership, Broce Manufacturing will take over manufacturing and sales of the TRS line. Read more about […]

Broce Launches New Turf Sweeper

Broce Manufacturing recently released an all new, industry specific sweeper, designed for artificial turf installation and maintenance. With features like wide turf tires to displace its weight, and supercharged engine cooling system, it’s no wonder that the Turf Boss has already been featured in magazines School Construction News Online and Sports Turf Online.