Broce Introduces Enclosed Cab for 3-Wheel Broom

CEO Alan Vance sits in the new cabbed BW-260 sweeperDodge City, KS – – In a step toward providing a safer, cleaner working environment, Broce Manufacturing is introducing an optional fully enclosed cab for its 3-wheeled BW 260 sweeper.

The Broce BW260 which was unveiled in early 2016 at the American Rental Association (ARA) show came with a lot of new features but was not equipped with a protective cab. Broce has taken the initiative to develop this enclosed cab as an optional feature for their 260 brooms going forward starting in September 2017.

“Our BW260 has been very well received by the rental industry,” said Alan Vance, CEO, Broce Manufacturing. “We are proud to be the only company offering a fully enclosed cab on a 3-wheel sweeper. It’s a big step forward in providing a safer, more comfortable working environment for operators. We think our customers will be very pleased.”

The Broce BW260 features a newly redesigned frame, hydrostatic drive, a redesigned broom swing and a larger operator area which is more ergonomically friendly. The cab addition will provide high visibility and ventilation for the driver as well as some other benefits.

Want to learn more about the new cab and other features? Contact a sales rep in your area.

cummins engine in the 350 broce broomSheldon G Hayes award plaque with Broce Construction on it