Broce Turf Boss

Artificial Turf Sweeper

Broce Broom Turf Boss for artificial turf

Synthetic turf? No problem.

This one pass broom is designed to reduce maintenance time on synthetic fields. Made from the same great Broce Broom products, we have customized it to be used on sporting fields that have a need to level and spread crumb rubber evenly. The system features full, 8’ brush contact, reversible rotation and a radiator designed to operate in up to 140 °F temperatures. These features allow the operator to sweep easily in both directions, and help ensure the life of the product. The “Turf Boss” is also the only system of its kind to incorporate a hydraulic oil cooler standard, while the 12-inch-wide turf-specific tires leave minimal imprint.

Parts and service for the Turf Boss

If you have questions or can’t locate what you need, you can email the parts and service team or give them a call at (877) 227-8811.

General Specifications

  • Electronic variable speed, reversible brush
  • Low impact, wide tires
  • Severe duty radiator and integrated hydraulic oil cooler
  • Brush reverse control with pull-out locking detent to prevent unintentional activation.
  • ISO 3471 Certified ROPS and canopy
  • ISO 6683 Seat Belt
  • Power steering

Popular Options

  • Amber beacon and/or strobe light
  • Front and rear work lights
  • Engine safety shutdown system
  • Windshield
  • Horn
  • Depth gauge

Popular Applications

  • Artificial turf fields: soccer fields, football fields
  • Artificial turf fields where you may need to level or spread crumb rubber

Do you need turf removal equipment?
Broce manufacturing has teamed up with Turf Reclamation Services (TRS) to manufacturer and deliver their “end-of-life” synthetic turf equipment. Visit their website for more information about the product line.

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