Training & Safety Videos

Note: Some of the videos below are intended as a general guide for maintenance tasks. Procedures may vary depending on model & year. Always consult your operating manual that came with your machine for detailed directions and safety information before attempting to perform any maintenance on your machine.


Greasing your Broce BW260 is crucial, and ignoring it can cause permanent damage. In this video we will show you where all 5 greasing locations are and how much grease to put in them.

Air Filter

Checking and changing your air filter before you start the Broce BW260 will significantly impact the performance of your machine. In this video we will show you have to check the air filter and how to change them.

Pulling & Towing

Pulling and towing your Broce BW260 incorrectly will permanently damage your machine.  In this video we will show you the correct way how to hook up the BW260 and the correct way to tow it.